Congratulations on your visit to the beautiful city of Mangalore also called Mangaluru, Kudla, Mangalapuram, Kodeyaala, Kodial, Maikala or Manjarun. We are confident that you will enjoy your stay in Mangalore. While in the city, once of the most common questions that come are about food, transport and logistics. We will try to cover how to travel in and around Mangalore.


Getting from Airport to Mangalore City

Once you arrive at Mangalore International airport, There are several means of transport from Airport to anywhere in and around the city. You can book a pre-paid taxi at the airport or use Ola cabs, which this the licensed taxi aggregator of Mangalore Airport. Below you can find approximate rates of ola cabs from Mangalore airport to different locations is and around Mangalore. The rates may change depending on time, surcharge and other factors.

Location Ola Mini Ola Prime Sedan
Kavoor 358 395
KPT 365 404
Nantoor 373 450
Malikatta 386 436
Velencia 425 471
Mangaladevi 454 506
Pandeshwara 440 488
Hampankatta 411 443
Kodialbail 392 434
LadyHill 388 430
Bejai 368 407
Derebail 366 404
Ashok Nagar 390 432
Kottara 367 406
Kuloor 363 402
Surathkal 479 534

Getting Around in Mangalore City

The quickest way to get around short distances around the city is through Auto Rickshaw(Tuk Tuk). Most drivers charge as per reading on fare meter and would appreciate a tip of 5 to 10 rupees. You will need to pay 1.5x times your meter fare reading at Night.

For longer distances and for lower fares, you can travel through city bus. There are city bus stops at-least at every 500 meters and you should be able to find one closest to you. City buses ply in gaps of 2 to 15 minutes. There is no prior booking necessary. You can board a bus  at any of the bus stops and pay the fare to the conductor/ticket collector present in the bus. The fares usually range from Rs.7.00 to Rs.30 depending on distance of your destination.


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